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Ekone Ranch is a unique and beautiful land trust community at the edge of the Columbia River Gorge in south central Washington state. Our primary focus is living close to the land, homesteading and "protecting the Earth with Reverence." In 1972, Ray Mitchell along with friends, bought an abandoned 160 acre homestead and since that time he and countless others have tended and nurtured the land. We have built dwellings and structures of recycled materials, straw bale and our own milled lumber from sustainably harvested timber, mostly standing dead or dying. Ekone dwellings and lifestyle reflect a philosophy of living simply and putting Earth first as much as possible. No power lines connect Ekone to the outside world and the ranch community is always testing new and interesting ways to live off the grid. The earth is in peril partly because we have tended to put our own comforts and needs above those of Earth which sustains us all. Ekone teaches another way, a way of honoring Earth's needs as much as our own in an effort to correct the imbalance.

Ekone's 1000 plus acres of springs, meadows, pine and oak forest and canyon lands have been placed in a land trust called, Sacred Earth Foundation. The community includes several residences, and many out buildings, a large organic garden, herds of 26 horses and 20+ buffalo, as well as  chickens, homing pigeons, dogs and cats. Ekone, the home of White Eagle Vision Expeditions,  hosts unique Horse Summer Camps for children and young adults. During the remainder of the year, White Eagle Vision Expeditions offers healing retreats, wilderness pack trips and horseback rides.

Ray Mitchell, founder of Sacred Earth Foundation and visionary for Ekone Ranch, died suddenly on Dec. 11, 07.
He will be sorely missed.

Vist Ray's Altar and share your message to Ray.

Ray now rests in the The White Eagle Memorial Preserve, a Conservation Burial Ground founded in 2008 and licensed by the state of Washington. This 20 acre cemetery is set within Ekone. It's mission is to provide a natural alternative to the death care industry as it currently exists in America. Find out more about the Preserve here.


A message from our Earth Stewardship Mentoring Program student

Visit Ekone and discover why it lives up to its Yakama Indian meaning.

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"I recognize a vital unity linking me with all humanity and humanity
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may prosper and all may continue."


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